The pruning

Basically, the pruning consists in the suppression of some parts of the woody plants, be they branches or roots. It is a very delicate technique with which we put the future of the tree in play. Incorrect pruning can lead to irreparable damage. They are very important both the technique and the time to do it, which will vary depending on the plant, its age and circumstances. It is therefore advisable to seek expert advice or consult the appropriate documentation.

The rule of gold of the beginner would be that in the doubt is better to fall short . If we are not sure it should be pruned before running the risk of running with the saw.



Sanitation: It improves the health of the tree or the bush, cutting off diseases or pests. This removes dead, diseased or weak branches.

Safety: Prevents the collapse of damaged or unstable branches.

Training: The objective is to configure the appearance of the plant, give an adequate structure. Healthy branches will be cut to obtain the desired shape or if they are annoying when crossing unduly with others, obstructing the passage of people or vehicles, hiding signals, etc.

Fruiting: For better and better flowers or fruits.


After a very drastic pruning the tree runs the risk of getting very damaged and may even die. Even without reaching such extremes, the following problems may occur:

Weakness of the specimen, since its capacity to produce energy is reduced. The tree reacts producing many shoots, which is done at the expense of its reserves and leaves you more defenseless against future adversities. It therefore becomes more fragile and vulnerable to disease and pest attacks.

The risk increases because more insecure vegetation occurs. New offspring grow very, very quickly, but they are quite unstable. Their joints with the old wood can be affected by the appearance of holes and putre factions, increasing the risk of rupture.

They give a lot of work and generate expenses because a great quantity of firewood is produced that will have to be collected, moved and stored. Every few years we will be forced to prune again to correct the new growth. We will probably have to apply additional care to correct damages and problems that may arise, such as fractures, diseases, etc.


The Tools: They should be of quality and that are in good condition and sharp.

Hygiene: Blades will be disinfected with alcohol to burn, especially after pruning some diseased plant.

Cuts: They must be very clean. After using the saw the edges of the cut are smoothed with a blade.

Wounds: We will protect wounds greater than 1 cm. With pruning paste or artificial bark. Its use has some detractors that assure, among other things, that it does not help at all to the cicatrizaci¢n. But the truth is that the wound is protected from the elements of the interperie, preventing penetration of water or ice, and prevent attacks of insects and other pathogens in that weakened area. In some trees, such as the fig tree, leaving the cuts open may eventually give rise to deep gaps extending along the branch.

Rest: Hardwood can be used for the fireplace. Green leaves and branches are useful for compost heap. It is important to get rid of diseased parts. The best: burn them.

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Below are some of the most common symptoms that indoor plants have when they have problems, the possible causes that can cause them and some of the solutions.
The leaves lose their color and eventually dry out
– Cold air cracks .
– Lack of irrigation.
– Excess of water. We must check with the touch the amount of water that is in the earth. If it is too wet, it must be made to dry by spacing the irrigations and allowing them to dry in between.

The shades of color or variegation are diluted
– Lack of light. Almost all plants with variegated foliage need to receive enough light to maintain the intensity of the colors.

Some lack or total absence of color on the leaves
– Insufficient nutrition. It is advisable to add some kind of fertilizer or change the land for a new and enriched one.
– Lack of water or overly irregular watering. The land that dries frequently ends up affecting the development of the plant.

Stems and leaves grow too long and musti
– Excess heat, especially during the winter. It is mitigated by spraying the plant and moderating the heating
– Lack of lighting, which causes this abnormal development in search of light. Just place the plant next to sufficient lighting.

Sprouts and leaves lose color or yellowing
– Chlorosis , caused by the lack of iron in the substrate, or that it can not be assimilated by excess lime in the soil or in the water with which it is irrigated. The simplest thing is to add chelated iron to the substrate. You can also change the land for another with the appropriate PH. If the water in the area is too hard, it is advisable to water it with mineral water or rainwater.

Dark spots that appear all over the leaf
– Substrate too dry.
– Substrate very humid.
– Irrigation water too cold.
– Dry and hot environment. It is advisable to spray the foliage with water and lower the heating.
– Excess nutrients or fertilizer, especially nitrogen, which causes staining and death of the tissue. The substrate should be changed as soon as possible.
– Intoxication of the plant by a phytosanitary or other product.

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Traditional styled Conservatories that can add value to Home interiors

Conservatories are known as greenhouse or sunroom in interior terms. This is basically attached with the living room on one end of the house, which has roofs and glass windows. Conservatories are the ancient type of a small in-house farmland where the landowners utilized these spaces to grow citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, grape fruit, lime etc bought by the merchants from various parts of the Mediterranean region. Those fruits were served for their family?s dinner. In addition, some times also helped them to earn some amount of money through selling the remaining fruits. In many European regions especially in many cold states, they prefer to have a conservatory in their living house to grow their plants and flowers. In early nineteenth century, people gave preference to conservatories where they prefer to spend time with the nature and to inhale the aroma of flowers those were been planted. Later part of the nineteenth century, the conservatories gained some social importance where the landowners held tea parties for their neighbors and friends. The architecture of these conservatories varies depending on the preference of the landowners and the also the construction type of the living house.
Conservatories? types and styles can be overviewed in as it gives the information needed for people to install a conservatory for their houses, or libraries, museums, botanical gardens etc. the price to install a conservatory depends on whether it is a traditional one, or a modern kind of conservatory built either using uPVC or hardwood.